What’s Included!

Easy homeschooling

In a Nutshell, the Complete MathHacked System Includes:

  • Transformational videos that will help you remove resistance in your kids
  • Eight kid-pleasing, motivating decks of cards
  • Brief video lesson per deck
  • Online deck for quick-learning of division facts 
  • BONUS: 2 online decks for kids who don’t want to quit
  • BONUS: inspiring quote cards to reinforce principles taught
  • BONUS: ebook,  Mom, You’re Working Too Hard! – how to be more effective, create strong relationships and have time for yourself


Want to know more?

1) Assure success with a quick but powerful foundation

Online, Foundational Principles Videos (20 min)

How to get the happy engagement of your child (whether an eager learner,  resistant, confident or shut down, any age)

Step Zero with mom sets the stage and saves time

This deck eliminates nearly half the facts kids need to learn and is a huge confidence booster.

2) Your child will master only one card deck at a time

Mom watches a short how-to video before each deck (around 7 min)

Watch the video just once to know how to teach the deck. Then, daily work with your child until she/he is confident and competent; that deck is then retired and your child eagerly advances to the next deck

Eight Physical Card Decks

Mack the Giraffe shows more confidence and excitement in each of seven colorful, delightful decks. Kids love hitting a new level right along with Mack. Mastering only one deck at a time makes it easy for you, easy for your child. Easy peasy!

By Deck Eight, “Showing off” to parents, grandparents, friends and siblings will be a daily joy.

3) Division facts and more online

Division Deck Online

You’ll be delighted to see how easy division facts are for your child after incrementally  laying the foundation of a flexible brain through this progressive system.  After a few “light-bulb moments,” your child will suddenly “get it,” quickly owning all their division facts in an instant. No new mountain to climb!

Your child will now be armed with a fluency in math facts (without which every math lesson will be a struggle)–but even more importantly, a CAN DO attitude. This is KEY to independence in future math!

Two Bonus Decks Online

Because kids begged for more after the program ended (feeling very smart, indeed) they requested more. These optional decks were created by popular demand ’cause kids wanted stretch their noggins just a little bit more with larger numbers.

Easy homeschooling

Bonus eBook

This game-changing book will help you raise confident and successful children. Learn how to unleash the gifts, mission and excellence of each family member.

The principles taught are a sweet relief for anyone trying to homeschool (which should be easy and fun—not public school at home)! Digest this book and you’ll find life in greater abundance.