How To Be Lazy and Still Be A Good Mom – Ebook


Ebook “Learning Unleashed: How to be Lazy and Still Be a Good Mom” shows how to apply “MathHacked magic” to simplify your life and empower your kids far beyond math!

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Excerpt from the book.

…As a young mother attempting to educate and motivate my children, I came dangerously close to destroying precious relationships. For years I used the methods my parents used—the same handed down for generations—but they never worked for me. I tried so hard, but there were times I feared I was doing my children more harm than good.

In trying to understand my repeated failures, I did a thorough internal scan: intention and motive, eagerness to learn, love for my kids, willingness to sacrifice. I felt successful in each of these aspects so what in the world was I missing? This was the 20st Century, for heaven’s sake. I should be able to get it together. Or, maybe my kids were the problem! Yes, they must just be especially difficult kids.

Do you know what confused me? Despite the modern miracles of flying instead of driving, talking with loved ones on the other side of the world, and purchasing groceries with my phone (heck, give us catheters and a source of electricity and we could live our lives in easy chairs), some things just seemed to be getting harder:

  • How do I get my kids to do what I want them to do?
  • How do I keep them from talking back and disrespecting me?
  • How do I motivate them to want good things, good friends, work hard, and care about the important things in life?
  • How—when I expend so much time and energy to help my children—do I so often end up the bad guy?

These challenges were worrisome and disheartening. Too often, I went to bed feeling unfulfilled and falling short as a parent.

But there is such good news! Because of several epiphanies born from prolonged failure, I am thrilled that those relationships are not only repaired, but richer and more wonderful than I thought possible. (I did feel loved growing up under old ways, but didn’t experience the joy and safety in those relationships that my children and I enjoy.)

As it turned out, it was not that I had difficult children, nor that anything was wrong with me; it was that the old ways were not sufficient for today’s world.

I am so excited to share with you the 15 ingredients that have transformed my worries into joys and my children into self-guided, confident, can-do kids. We’re calling this teaching/learning recipe “Learning Unleashed”…


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