The Missing Foundation That Makes Math Easy

Your Kids Will Love Math After Learning Times Tables Without Memorization

Stop the Struggle...Before Addition...in 3rd Grade Math...or Even When They're in Algebra


5 year old Alice is not learning to sit still. She's learning her times tables and LOVING it!


If for any reason you are unsatisfied with MathHacked just email us for an RMA # to get a 100% refund. 


If for any reason you are unsatisfied with MathHacked just email us for an RMA # to get a 100% refund. 

What's Included?

  • ONLINE TRAINING - simply watch and mimic one step until effortless & automatic (for each of 7 decks)
  • STEP ZERO - quickly eliminates nearly half of the facts to be learned
  • SEVEN PHYSICAL DECKS - to teach times tables essentially without memorization
  • SPEED DECK - becomes your child's treasured possession
  • ONLINE DECK - THE I.O.B. -  Through the power of our process, your kids will master their division facts in just a few "light-bulb" moments - no new mountain to climb
  • BONUS QUOTE & CONCEPT CARDS - 32 cards reinforce powerful concepts
  • BONUS ONLINE DECK - THE QUANTUM - mixing it up for greater mental flexibility
  • BONUS ONLINE DECK - THE MIND BENDER - Kids are undaunted by the larger numbers in this challenging deck as they dig in with certainty that they can do it


The deeper I got into this program, the more I loved it! Heather has so much wisdom that shines through her training sessions with the children. MathHacked goes way beyond multiplication tables; it's been parenting help for me! My daughter absolutely loves it. 
Today was my daughter's first day jumping back into her regular math book since starting MathHacked and it was FUN! No skip counting over here! Just clear answers, right out of her brain! She says math is her favorite subject now, and it's been fun to feel my own math skills soar! Thank you, MathHacked!


I can’t get Grace to go play with friends because she wants to work on her math. I’m not even mad about it ;).


I can testify that my kindergartener, who I homeschool, was hating addition. She was really having trouble and hated math and said things like “I’m just not sm​​​​​art!” This coming from my 5 year old broke my heart and I knew I needed to squash the “I’m not smart at math” attitude! We started math hacked and not only does she actually enjoy it, she’s excelling!


Shocked at how quickly my little kids picked up basic math with this. Well done!!!


Do you have a math problem . . . or don't want one?  Join us today!

More From Users of MathHacked

Candice Elton

We LOVE your system! Even I have learned my multiplication which I never ever thought I could! I was working with my son on the program and had to call my husband, nearly in tears to say, "I'm getting it!" I would easily pay the full price. 

I recommend Math Hacked to anyone I talk to about math curriculum.

Taryn H

I just wanted to write a note to tell you thank you for this program. I absolutely love math hacked! It is clicking so well with my daughter, and her confidence is soaring.

Thank you so much for this wonderful program.

Rachel Crumpley - President, iFamily Leadership Academy

My eight-year-old son has always loved math until recently when he was expected to memorize his multiplication facts. All of a sudden, he went from loving math to HATING it! Math became a chore to get through and there were more tears and tantrums than I care to count. I had heard about MathHacked at a Homeschool Conference hosted by my co-op the previous year and decided to give it a try. What did we have to lose??? 

What we lost were the hours of frustration and tears. My son was eager to try a different approach and from the very first day he has LOVED the program. It starts out pretty simple with concepts he already knew. Then we moved on to more difficult problems, but they didn't feel difficult because we use fun associations that make the ideas really stick. 

My son is back to loving math! He feels so smart and confident! 

The system has also benefited my 10-year-old who has been struggling along with her multiplication for a couple of years. Now, instead of guessing, she KNOWS the answers! Even my teenager and my 2-year-old enjoy getting in on the fun! MathHacked has truly been a blessing in our lives and we are so grateful to have found it! 

Sheree H

He says, "Can I do MathHacked now?" It's saving us! It's easy! We were quite frustrated, and now he comes home and says, can I do MathHacked...He's learning his times tables and it's sticking! I'm so GRATEFUL to you for creating it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's working!

J Leigh

My girls are actually pretty good at math, but we were all needing an “attitude adjustment” and even one day of a little one on one fun. “Math with mom” has born Good Fruit! Thank you!! ... 

Thank you gals for a beautiful product & “heaven on earth” learning paradigm.. Yay!! Well done!!

Angela Harris

This program is AMAZING!! My 7 year old son has been begging me to do MathHacked for a while. A few weeks ago I finally started with him. He's on fire! It's the first thing he wants to do when he gets home from school (well, he might take a snack first) and he can't wait to learn the next step. I'm so excited for the confidence this is building in him! I love the special time we're having together too. We even included his 18 year old brother once while they raced to give the answers! Such a cute bonding experience! The MathHacked girls are inspired and amazing!!! Thank you!!