Math Confidence for all ages!

  • Times tables taught this way is actually easy for 6 year olds, before addition preferred!
  • Older kids who think they know their times tables but are low confidence can quickly master the system, and come out with real confidence and a greater ability to tackle math
  • Because we simplify and isolate, MathHacked doesn’t overwhelm kids who struggle
  • “Gifted” or “developmentally delayed”
  • Engaged in their education or “checked out”
  • In home school, public or private school

Struggling in math and very low in confidence, this 12 year old came to us looking apprehensive and shy. He knew most of his times tables, but not fluently. From almost the first moment he began to smile and quickly passed off 3 card decks . His confidence came roaring back. He soon “owned” all his facts and started teaching his siblings their times tables.

We have yet to encounter a person for which our educational framework does not work. All a child need know to begin is how to count by ones and what numbers are more and less than other numbers. Counting by fives is a plus, but not required.


Happy moms speak out!

“It’s a fun, non-stressful way to learn multiplication that works! I used it with my child who has dyscalculia and it was wonderful to see her confidence grow and her fear of Math diminish.”

~Hayley Felten

“Mastered Deck 8. Luke, first grade, age 6:

‘They tried to trick me, but they couldn’t, because I know these problems!!

It’s been fun to see his confidence in his own abilities grow. We decided to skip 2nd grade math this year (he finished his first grade book last year) and go straight to 3rd grade math and he is doing so well!”

~A Jenkins