No doubt – some questions have come to mind. That’s perfectly ok and we encourage you to call or email us with your concerns. However, here are some common questions answered by customers who are already utilizing the program or have completed it!

I’m afraid my child won’t be able to do it?!

My son Michael who has several diagnoses (PDD-NOS, mild intellectual disability, ADHD, vision loss) has nearly completed your program with me for Math. His BOY NWEA scores shot back up to the 50th percentile, an all-time high, after plummeting to the 9th percentile. His progress is because of using the Math Hacked program.

Next, my six year old child Benjamin is now scoring as “high ability” in math.  His NWEA is off the charts. I attached his teacher’s comment.

Last is my daughter Sarah.  She is now scoring “above grade level” in math and is now in a high ability program for math.

Elysia Proctor

My 10 year old son, who was “behind” with his multiplication facts, just said, “Mom, you have to write to MathHacked and tell them this curriculum made me smarter and that now I can do them all with no problem”. From my perspective this is a child who is resistant to many of the strategies I had tried. We started with our 6 year old with the trial pack…..seeing her excitement, everyone else got on board and now my 10 year old will do his Math Facts everyday with confidence…we are currently 9 facts short of beating the 3 minute buzzer. But the amazing part is he’s not giving up or feeling defeated, which was a big problem before! Ages 10, 8, and 6 all working through MathHacked at their pace has been a Math Blessing!!! Thank you.

Jennifer Godin Frost

We just started Math Hacked. I have a 20yr old and a 10yr old with developmental delays. They are both having fun learning this way. Your “Momdeterminedness” is certainly helping others. Thank you!

Angela Pete

I was doing MathHacked with Christian and he said, “Mom, MathHacked is the best way to learn my times tables!”

Miriam Sellars