No doubt – some questions have come to mind. That’s perfectly ok and we encourage you to call or email us with your concerns. However, here are some common questions answered by customers who are already utilizing the program or have completed it!

I’m afraid my child is too young.

I love how you have all the easy ones in here, Mrs. Linchenko!

Gabe, age 6 (private school)

We are using MathHacked to build confidence to bring one child along who was VERY resistant and frustrated with multiplication facts. This child whizzed through this program in two weeks alongside 2 others who “shouldn’t be learning multiplication” facts in 1st and 2nd grade. They all have had fun & are excited to master each level. I can’t believe it. I can’t wait to share more of the success with you. **Bonus** the MathHacked gals include a bunch of quote cards in the back which we will use over the summer to set positive intentions for our brains.

The Homeschool Coach Facebook Page, April 2019

I can testify that my kindergartner, who I home schooled, was hating addition. She was really having trouble and hated math and said things like “I’m just not smart!” This coming from my 5 year old broke my heart and I knew I needed to squash the “I’m not smart at math” attitude! We started MathHacked and not only does she actually enjoy it, she’s excelling!

Ashley Edwards

I cannot thank MathHacked enough! I just have to tell you what happened last night. After working for quite a while trying to help her do her math homework and many tears of frustration. We took a break. I went onto the computer (without telling my daughter what I was doing), logged in to MathHacked and opened the Step Zero pdf. My daughter loves to read so out of curiosity came over to see what I was doing and saw the cute giraffe 🦒 She couldn’t help herself and she started reading the instructions. Then she started saying them. She kept going. She started smiling and laughing. “This is fun!”

She couldn’t help herself and she started reading the instructions. Then she started saying them. She kept going. She started smiling and laughing. “This is fun!” She went through all of them smiling and laughing and at the end she had to scroll all the way to the beginning to start over! She did it again so quickly! While I went back into the kitchen in tears.

Then she came to the kitchen table and finished her math homework of addition and subtraction! She said, “that didn’t help me with subtraction, it was multiplication” but I sure saw the help it gave her in her confidence!

Stefanie Arciniega

Still amazed how well my 6-year old knows some of his times tables. He just went through Decks 1 and 2 in about 15 minutes. And he is now learning his 9 times tables. Amazing!!!

Brooke Bailey

Shocked at how quickly my little kids picked up basic math with this. Well done!!!

Nathan Maughan

When we take road trips, my daughter likes to work on her flashcards now instead of computer games.

Parent of First Grader

And just worked with my 5 year old today on the step 0 and she rocked it and is excited to teach her siblings!

Rosie Christman

I was teaching my first grade grandkids their 9 times tables. Their parents are amazed. That was a confidence builder for sure. Thank again!

Debbie Olsen Denning