No doubt – some questions have come to mind. That’s perfectly ok and we encourage you to call or email us with your concerns. However, here are some common questions answered by customers who are already utilizing the program or have completed it!

I’m afraid my child is too old.

We have been really enjoying this program! My kids consider it a game. It focuses on making multiplication easy and fun, which is important for everything that comes after that. My 8 yr old is flying through multiplication and starting division, and now my 12 yr old who has struggled with math (stuck on multiplications skills) is making headway and getting more confidence.

Alysia McCausland Humphries

The principal who at first was very skeptical of what we were doing is now coming to us wondering if there is anyway we can get to the seventh graders before they go out of her school in June and of course hoping to reach the sixth graders as well.

The benefits are starting to be obvious to everyone. The change in confidence levels is amazing. The principal told our supervisor there are some children whose attendance at school has improved considerably because they want to be there to get their turns to practice MathHacked with us.

Wendy Creed – Teacher of 22 years

This program is magic. I feel like Einstein right now!

D Smith, 14 yr old (speaking to his older brother)

I asked one of the boys who was first to finish the Math Hacked program how he felt about it. He explained proudly, “I liked it very much. I had fun and I learned a lot. Now I’m teaching it.”

Wendy Creed

We taught my 12-year-old MathHacked and later was surprised to find my 6 year old doing it! I wondered how this happened and discovered that my 12 year old had taught his 10-year-old sister and she was now teaching our 6 year old!

Jon Bailey