No doubt – some questions have come to mind. That’s perfectly ok and we encourage you to call or email us with your concerns. However, here are some common questions answered by customers who are already utilizing the program or have completed it!

I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it!

We LOVE your system! Even I have learned my multiplication which I never ever thought I could! I would easily pay double the price and I recommend MathHacked to anyone I talk to about math curriculum. Once during a session with my son I teared up as I called my husband to finally say “I’m getting it, I’m getting my times tables!!”

Candice Elton

This program has saved my 10 year old’s life when it comes to Math! For me too, I finally have my times tables memorized and I’m 45 and have homeschooled three children before her, so I always had to cheat to help them. Thank you & God Bless you and your program.

Jodi Oakley

I’m so excited! My 8 year old has been HATING math, I feel frustrated because my math foundation is pretty wobbly, and this seems like a great way to get him excited and regain his confidence!

Julie Andreasen

The deeper I get into this program, the more I love it! Heather has so much wisdom that shines through her training sessions with the children. MathHacked goes way beyond multiplication tables; it’s been parenting help for me! My daughter absolutely loves it. She says math is her favorite subject now, and it’s been fun to feel my own math skills soar!

Camille Messick