How Math Failure and Despair Turned to Success and Confidence in My Homeschool

October 27, 2019by Heather Linchenko

ALL I wanted to do was help my child succeed, so how is it fair that I had to be the bad guy? I had become the mother I never wanted to be, having to push and pull yet another child through that old math grind.

It was hurting our relationship. A lot. Plus, it was clear to see that my “helping” wasn’t helping at all. I was afraid she’d get behind her peers, but all my “requiring” served to demoralize her further until one day, she just completely gave up.

The doors of her mind had snapped shut, and it was apparent that she KNEW she couldn’t do it. She was so low it was frightening. I felt desperate to do something about it. But what???

Luckily, upon just a little investigation, I discovered something I could do! My daughter was:

1) “iffy” and somewhat slow about her times tables,

2) and they were EVERYWHERE in her math work.

Hmm…very interesting…YAY!! We’ll start those over, worry about what’s next later… But how? How will I to teach them?

One thing I was sure of is that memorization wasn’t working. Not only had this method of learning not stuck the first time with my daughter, I had noticed from my own life that while memorization may have gotten me through tests or assignments, it did absolutely nothing to educate me. I wanted more for my daughter.

I told her the good news, “NO MORE MATH UNTIL I FIGURE THIS OUT.” (Luckily, I was home schooling and had the leeway to do this.)

I forced myself out of that centuries-old box and looked at math through the eyes of my child for the first time. Just as soon as I made this shift, ideas started coming to me, one after the other after the other.

One step at a time, I discovered a completely new way to approach math, a whole new teaching style, new sequences, exciting new philosophies…everything NEW.

I brought my daughter back and together we tried it out. Wow, piece of cake! Not only did she love this new process, it TOTALLY turned her around. So much so, that she quit needing my help (or pushing) and just took off through her regular math curriculum independently (!). (As it turned out, there were no more math issues to overcome! Another YAY!!)

The time savings to me were enormous—but that was nothing compared to the joy I felt, seeing my daughter discover and OWN the fact that she really was SMART! It unleashed her in ways far beyond math, and our relationship was sweet again.

Since that time, it literally HURTS to hear of kids struggling in math, feeling stupid just like my daughter did. That’s why I should be retiring and hitting the beach, I’ve “sold the family farm” to bring hope and solutions to every family I can possibly reach.

Call it crazy, but I love your children. A lot. It’s super hard to hear of kids struggling when I’ve got a solution that works SO WELL! It’s a game changer for your family, and for your child’s life–and it’s all figured out and DONE FOR YOU, every step is outlined, every “t” is crossed. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I can say this with confidence, because I have used it not only on my kids and many others, but at a private school (6-8 year olds). These were kids that came to math with the usual dread and complaining. This voluntary program ended up with 100% of the kids in the class opting in and nailing 100% of their times tables and division facts (in fact, they’d line up, wanting to be first–and were SAD when the process was over!!).

Their confidence shot through the roof, and, like my daughter, they went back to their math curriculum with eagerness and a belief they could tackle it. It rocked the school, it rocked my world, and has set me on a mission to share what I’ve learned for the benefit of others.

If you follow my simple, proven, revolutionary system, your child will gain the critical building blocks of confidence, solid math facts mastery, and mental flexibility to actually enjoy math and become an independent learner. See you on the inside!

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Heather Linchenko