Adding Life to Your Life

October 27, 2019by Heather Linchenko

Speaking of jumping on brains (I prefer the verb “dancing” because it feels more…creative 🤠), making what we call “tectonic shifts” in thinking is a bit of hard work. All people are sure they want better results but wish they could do it without letting go of current paradigms, aka what they are used to, aka what’s “comfortable.”

In my experience, the “letting go” part is 80% of the work. I picture a monkey, grasping a banana that’s inside a little cage, unable to free himself of the cage because his little fist full of banana is now too large to come back out through the bars. Yip, that’s us.

So, as you go about your coming days–driving, washing dishes, standing in line, waiting for sleep to overtake you–will you reflect on the following examples of “shifts” and determine if you are ready to make your next one:

* Think about the difference between someone feeling love for you, and someone who makes you feel loved. I bet you can quickly come up with examples of both. How many divorces are there between people who love each other? Also take note how many emotional walls are erected by people who do not feel another’s love, though it most certainly exists. Are there emotional walls in your home, your relationships, that you wish were not there?

* Think about the difference discovered by Sam Walton, a discovery that produced for his company a quantum boost in sales and net profit, and started a trend. You see, at Walmart, the customer is always right, always pleased, even if Walmart has to take a hit for it. Have you noticed? They’ll take stuff back you didn’t even buy there, just to make you walk away happy. So what if we applied that thinking to our parenting? Aren’t there many things we want our children (students, employees, anyone in our charge) to buy from us? Our advice, wisdom, guidance? Our hopes and dreams for them? Our instructions?? What if they bought our parental wares as freely as we buy any little thing from Walmart?

* Think about the difference between paying for the Backs and Hands of others to get our job done, and inspiring them to also volunteer their Minds and Hearts to our task? Enthusiasm. A Great Attitude. Flexibility. Creativity. These are things money cannot buy.

* Think of the difference between “It’s a hard life; we gotta toughen kids up, make them do hard things!” and “Follow your bliss; find your passion; do work that doesn’t feel like work to you and that is the quickest way to success.” The first philosophy, while good, can be totally eclipsed by the latter, with astonishing results.

* I once heard of a man with a hot dog stand on a busy street in the metropolis of New York (I think it was). His business had a horrible bottleneck with his lunchtime crowds of getting people their change. Finally, he decided to take the “formidable” risk of trusting his fellow human beings, and began leaving a bowl chuck full of bills and coins completely unattended for his customers to make their own change before heading on their way. Do you think anyone stole from him? You bet. Funny thing is, his business went through the roof, netting him a great deal more than ever before. Not only did he sell more hot dogs, he made more money per hot dog sold, presumably from unsolicited tips of gratitude in exchange for his decision to trust.

Well….my biggest goal (shhh!) behind MathHacked–teaching kids their multiplication and division facts in a way they dig and that ignites their thinking capabilities–is to be part of an educational shift that is similar in scope to the shifts mentioned above.

I hope to convince your mind (and who knows, maybe the world will catch on!) of a better way, one that will add life to your life. I call it my Millennial Paradigm Project. Hope you’ll join me!

Why do I do it? I do it mostly for the kids. I’m willing to bet you’ll like what you see happen inside of yours.

You in?


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Heather Linchenko