We’ve been there. We’ve seen the spark come out of a child the instant we mention studying and completing math assignments. We’ve felt the torture of trying to force knowledge upon our kid and simply telling them to ‘suck it up.’ Now, learning math is completely different in our house and in the homes of other parents. Here’s what a few of them have said!

“…Your product is much easier to use, more “complete” and a refreshing reminder about how education is always supposed to feel! Thank you again!

Joya Edmonds

The first thing Liam says when he gets home from school is, “Can we do MathHacked?”

A. King

Just worked with my 5 year old today on the Step Zero and she rocked it! She is excited to teach her siblings!

Rosie Christman

Thank you MathHacked for a beautiful product & “heaven on Earth” learning paradigm.. Yay!! Well done!!

Joya Leigh


Is MathHacked really worth it?
I’m afraid my child won’t be able to do it?
What if I can’t do it?!
Is my kid too old for this?
Is my kid too young for this?

I was teaching my first grade grandkids their 9 times tables. Their parents are amazed. That was a confidence builder for sure. Thank again!

Debbie Olsen Denning

I’m so excited! My 8 year old has been HATING math, I feel frustrated because my math foundation is pretty wobbly, and this seems like a great way to get him excited and regain his confidence!

Julie Andreasen

My 6 year old just went through Decks 1 and 2 in about 15 minutes. And he is now learning his 9 times tables. Amazing!

Brooke Bailey

I just wanted to write a note to tell you thank you for this program! I absolutely love MathHacked! It is clicking so well with my daughter and her confidence is soaring!

Taryn Hall

I can’t even get Grace to go play with friends because she wants to work on her math. I’m not even mad about it! 😉

Carolyn Baldwin

I keep finding my child under his covers at night with a flashlight working on his flashcards when he’s supposed to be asleep!

Happy Parent of a 1st Grader

Where’d you learn to teach this way? I have a Master’s Degree and I’ve never seen anyone teach this way.

Angela Johnson

We LOVE your system! Even I have learned my multiplication which I never thought I could! I would easily pay the price and recommend MathHacked to anyone I talk about math curriculum. I’ve cried on the phone calling my husband finally being able to say “I’m getting it! I’m getting my times tables!”

Candice Elton

(and counting)

Kids have felt like Einsteins using MathHacked!

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We almost wish we could make this up considering how unbelievable it seems!



Wendy Creed

Teacher of 22 Years

MathHacked provided materials and training for Wendy and Bill Creed to help students at the Chief Taylor School in Canada where they had a great need for help with math. Following are some raw notes Wendy sent back as the program went forward. The focus was on remedial students at first but soon all the kids begged for it.  

Before long the principal was requesting the program for high school students.

(Emphasis added)


For the last couple weeks we have been spending quite a bit of time at the elementary school teaching the MathHacked system for the times tables to the students in the 4th and 5th grades that are really struggling. All the children are seeing us teaching this in the halls to individual students and they are begging us to give them a turn. They come to us during recess and noon break hoping to be included.

One boy that had come begging three times before he finally got a turn when we got to his class. Yes, he really needed the practice but as we moved through it he suddenly realized he was understanding it and he started to laugh as if he were being tickled. Every answer he got after that tickled him so much he could hardly hold still. That boy came back every break thereafter. He is getting it!

How is it going at Onion Lake? Well, Friday we got to the Chief Taylor School and put down the table in the common area. Within seconds every chair (12 of them) was full of children and others standing around, many begging to have a turn doing the math. We just laughed and hurried and got our cards out and started with the ones closest to us until the bell finally rang and they had to go to class. Every class we go into the children plead for a turn.

I asked one of the boys who was first to finish the Math Hacked program how he felt about it. He explained proudly, “I liked it very much. I had fun and I learned a lot. Now I’m teaching it.”

Several have asked, “Can I get some of these cards? I want to practice every night.”

Ricky was one of the first boys we worked with. His teacher said, “His math skills are very low and he has no attention span and doesn’t come to school very often.” She was right on all accounts. After a month we had been able to catch him on seven occasions and he had just passed off Deck Three. His bright eyes were shining and he had a huge smile. He didn’t want to leave. His friend, who was known for his math skills had just been introduced to Deck Three but hadn’t quite gotten it yet. Ricky came over and wanted so bad to tell him all the answers because he was now a whiz at it. Then he puzzled, “What happened? He has always been way ahead of me in math.”

The principal who at first was very skeptical of what we were doing is now coming to us wondering if there is any way we can get to the seventh graders before they go out of her school in June and of course hoping to reach the sixth graders as well.


We have seven students who passed everything off this week and they are helping teach and racing…for speed. The excitement is running high. We hate to see spring break interrupt it. The high school wants us over there for at least a couple afternoons a week and our principal (who wasn’t sure about having us there to begin with) said,  “No, tell them, no. This is working so well we don’t want it spoil what is happening. Nice to be appreciated. Thanks to your amazing program that works. I have grandchildren that are reaching the end as well – done on Skype, etc.


Bill and I are teaching, one on one, on average 35 students per day. The benefits are starting to be obvious to everyone. The change in confidence levels is amazing. We are so grateful for this astounding program. Thanks – Wendy


We did get the flash cards you sent. Thanks! Thought I would send you what I wrote to our family May 26.

“We are thrilled with the effort of the young people at Chief Taylor. At this point we are working with over 200 children. Of those 21 have finished all the decks and we are trying to keep them working for speed and accuracy… There are another 70 of them who are within the last 2 decks of finishing so we are taking every moment we can get with them in this last month of interrupted  learning time. We can at very best only get four students per half hour. So many are begging us every time they see us, “Take me.” It really hurts me to see the pleas of those that we haven’t even had time to start (There are over 400 students in the school.) I have told them we will try to catch them in the fall. The principal told our supervisor there are some children whose attendance at school has improved considerably because they want to be there to get their turns to practice math with us.

We will probably only get about eight more days of school before they are out for the summer but we now have 46 students who have finished all the decks and we will be working hard as long as we possibly can. We love your program. Thank you so much.

“In all my years of teaching I have never seen anything so perfectly constructed to teach everyone multiplication. The decks are carefully calculated to bolster the self-confidence and they are totally amazed at how easy and fun it is. Every teacher I have taught this to says the same thing that I think, ‘Oh, how I wish I could have been taught this way. I would have learned to love math.’ The young instructors say, “When I have children, this is how I want to teach them.’”

~ Wendy Creed

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