It hurts us to see any child thinking they’re just a dumb kid. It’s not their fault, neither is it a parent’s fault. The blame goes to antiquated teaching methods that try to cram facts in brains in ways that brains don’t even work! We grew tired – both literally and figuratively – of the old methods and developed a scientifically-based method that will transform a shy kid, a behind kid, a not-worth-the-effort kid, into a kid that feels like an Einstein!


Heather is a lover of children and a believer in human beings. She has a gift of being able to leave convention and tradition behind to find fresh ideas. Her passion is to remove negativity from homes and relationships and to provide hope to all with whom she comes in contact. Math is her surprising vehicle to get effective parenting principles into families and change the face of education.

Her favorite things to do in her spare time are to sing harmonies with her (five) kids, read inspiring books, and philosophize with friends and strangers alike, but she has also been known to skydive, hang glide, keep up with her brothers snowmobiling, and drive much too fast. Her claim to fame was – as Stephen Covey’s assistant of many years – typing up, brainstorming with him, and editing his book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. For the opportunity of working so closely with him, she likes to say that she gave up her degree for her education.

Her central guiding quotes: From the closed-mindedness that won’t accept new truth; from the laziness that will accept half truth; From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth; Good Lord, deliver me. ~Kenyan Prayer and “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first.” ~Oliver DeMille…and of course, “The thing about candy bars is that one’s not big enough if you can eat it.” ~Garfield the Cat


Shirley is Heather’s big sis and greatest fan. She was there when Heather experienced every last child, ages 6 to 8 enthusiastically getting their times tables facts down in a private school with her system and hearing her thrill at the surprising surge of confidence and love of math this created in the kids.

Shirley was Stephen R. Covey’s ‘right hand,’ (pre Franklin Covey) serving first as his administrative assistant, then assisting in developing, administering and marketing effectiveness training for top executives in Texas, California and Utah. She later was a Regional Manager of Sales for Titan Fuel Tanks, covering the Southeastern United States from Texas to North Carolina and Florida and all points in between. She currently runs the business side of MathHacked so Heather can bring her life-changing magic to you.

She loves everything outdoors…hiking, boating, skiing, gardening and especially riding her little Paso Fino mare. She has a passion for natural horsemanship (hoping for total competence some day), and natural healing, having overcome ovarian cancer holistically nearly 30 years ago. She was blessed to adopt five children, learning a great deal in the trenches as a home school mom. She is passionate about clearing the way for kids to believe in and find their unique genius so they can change the world in positive ways.



After successfully teaching their kids and an entire classroom through a revolutionary system… these two gals accepted the calling to bring MathHacked to frustrated parents and struggling kids.

Mr. Giraffe becomes the inspiration for a future logo.

The transformation of her kids with her system would drive Heather to create the product called MathHacked.



Witnessing the transformation kids make through the MathHacked system, Heather and Shirley decide to invest all they can in their growing company to save the world from Math Trauma!

The decks are printed and the online teaching courses are built! Now we’re trying to tell as many people as we can about the system!

Heather continues to find her greatest joy in teaching and mentoring kids and using the MathHacked system to reignite their joy to learn.