15 Minutes a Day is All it Takes!

  • Parent watches a quick video (around 7 minutes)
  • Parent mimics the video with child using the first deck, for as long as the child is engaged—maybe 15 minutes
  • Parent and child practice daily until that deck is solid for the child on the first try
  • First deck is filed away and parent watches the video for the second deck
  • Rinse and repeat through five more decks
  • Child takes off independently with the speed deck, competing against the clock, excited to shave off every second
  • When the 8th deck is solid, child starts our online division deck. With the mental flexibility developed so far, the brain just gets it in a few “aha moments”–no need to start over with a whole new set of facts to learn
  • Voila! You’ve just given your child competence in record time, and the ability to tackle future math confidently, regardless of curriculum…all the while, building a sweeter relationship. Based on long experience, we confidently say it will happen for you!


More from Moms Using the System

“My daughter picked this up almost immediately, 2 rounds of play and she was hooked. I’m impressed. I did exactly what was done in the videos and it’s working. I’m hoping the rest of the decks are as painless to apply as this one.”

Also, my daughter is 9. We’ve homeschooled for 3 years and she barely had down simple addition. This module has gained us more progress in learning and enthusiasm since we began homeschooling. Seriously.”

~Syleethia Williams

“My daughter loved how fun MathHacked made it to learn her multiplication facts. She doesn’t like to do math when it feels boring, so this was great for her. She sped through the box and learned all her multiplication facts faster than I thought she would. Now a year later, when she sees a multiplication problem, she still thinks of the MathHacked tricks that helped her learn.”

~Brittney Taylor Fairbourn