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Amazing discovery by veteran homeschool mom unlocks math potential in kids, never before seen. The secret is not in your curriculum. It's never been there. With it your kiddos will do better in whatever math curriculum you DO have. Kindergarten-simple creates exuberant math confidence in only 15 minutes a day

The Journey is as Rewarding as the Outcome or Your Money Back!


  • Any child of any age who hates math and struggles in lessons
  • Kids who are developmentally delayed
  • Kids as young as 5 or 6 just starting out in math, pre-addition a bonus
  • Parents who want to have their kids tackle math lessons independently



20 minutes of foundational video shows how to:

  • Remove resistance so math becomes a fun challenge
  • Have harmony at home, even around math
  • Banish overwhelm so your child knows he/she can do it
  • Get your child's willing participation so learning is easy
  • Put your child in the driver's seat so they can learn fast!  
  • Know your child is ready for the next step so he/she doesn't lose what's gained so far
  • Help your kids discover they are smart so they will tackle math like a kid tackles electronics
  • Get learning solid so future math lessons aren't bogged down with slow recall
  • What to do with a child that doesn't want to take part so he/she will choose to join in 
  • The importance of re-teaching a child who knows "most" of their facts so they can thrive in math lessons 


  • 8 motivating physical card decks so your child will look forward to each new step (a short video shows how to teach each new deck)
  • A fun exercise to begin the creation of a flexible mind so future math is tackled with confidence  
  • Progressive steps so your child is ready and confident for more challenging facts
  • Only 1 small deck at a time so it's easy for parent and child


  • A confidence-building deck so your child discovers she/he just cut out half the facts they need to learn!
  • A deck where your child's newly-flexible brain learns division facts in an instant!
  • 2 decks created by popular demand to challenge kids who had their facts down...but didn't want the fun to stop!

times tables without worksheets without times tables charts, without tears

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"I’ve been homeschooling for 11 years. I’ve spent more money than I want to think about on different types of curriculum. The only “proof” I need is to see my child “get it.” That’s what MathHacked has done for my son. He gets it! He feels confident! He feels smart!!

He is a very bright child, but he learns differently, which is tough on his confidence. MathHacked has made a huge difference in not only his math skills, but his LIFE. That’s where the rubber meets the road. Thank you, MathHacked!!"

~Amy Waide Eckert

"My daughter picked this up almost immediately, 2 rounds of play and she was hooked. I’m impressed. I did exactly what was done in the videos and it’s working. I’m hoping the rest of the decks are as painless to apply as this one. 

Also, my daughter is 9. We’ve homeschooled for 3 years and she barely had down simple addition. This module has gained us more progress in learning and enthusiasm since we began homeschooling. Seriously.

~Syleethia Williams

"It a fun, non-stressful way to learn multiplication that works! I used it with my child who has dyscalculia and it was wonderful to see her confidence grow and her fear of Math diminish."

~Haley Felten

"My daughter loved how fun MathHacked made it to learn her multiplication facts. She doesn’t like to do math when it feels boring, so this was great for her. She sped through the box and learned all her multiplication facts faster than I thought she would. Now a year later, when she sees a multiplication problem, she still thinks of the MathHacked tricks that helped her learn." 

~Brittney Taylor Fairbourn

(And a Little P.S.)

MathHacked Hits it Outta the Park in a School Setting With Remedial Kids

Report from MathHacked Pilot Program at Native American School in Canada

Wendy Creed, a teacher of 26 years, did a pilot for MathHacked. She worked with the remedial kids, but reported the mainstream kids lined up at the tables begging to be next. Following are a few excerpts from her experience there.

"The principal told our supervisor there are some children whose attendance at school has improved considerably because they want to be there to get their turns to practice math with us."


"All the children are seeing us teaching this in the halls to individual students and they are begging us to give them a turn. They come to us during recess and noon break hoping to be included. 

One boy that had come begging three times before finally got a turn when we got to his we moved through it he suddenly realized he was understanding it and he started to laugh as if he were being tickled.

Every answer he got after that tickled him so much he could hardly hold still. That boy came back every break thereafter. He is getting it!"


"Ricky was one of the first boys we worked with. His teacher said, 'His math skills are very low and he has no attention span and doesn't come to school very often.'

She was right on all accounts. After a month we had been able to catch him on seven occasions and he had just passed off [Deck 3, The Great Brain]. His bright eyes were shining and he had a huge smile. He didn't want to leave. 

His friend, who was known for his math skills had just been introduced to [Deck 3] but hadn't quite gotten it yet. Ricky came over and wanted so bad to tell him all the answers because he was now a whiz at it. Then he puzzled, 'What happened? He has always been way ahead of me in math.'"


"The principal who at first was very skeptical of what we were doing is now coming to us wondering if there is any way we can get to the seventh graders before they go out of her school in June and of course hoping to reach the sixth graders as well."

~Wendy Creed