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Heather and her daughters on a recent trip to Thailand


The above picture accurately represents the relationship between these beautiful women. But it was not always quite so harmonious.

I have personally watched the tremendous transformation in the Linchenko family. Heather was a conscientious and overworked home school mom trying to push her kids from behind; she had a particularly ragged relationship with one of her daughters that really got her seeking for solutions. Her willingness to look inside, and to think outside of the box transformed their relationship to the the closest and most dear relationship you can imagine! Not just between Heather and her children, but between all of the siblings as well.

And it all started with math. MathHacked was born to help a younger daughter who was struggling terribly with math. The principles Heather learned in developing MathHacked began the transformation–not only of her daughter’s math woes–but of her relationship with all of her children. Her willingness to admit failure and look outside of the way it’s “always done” is the reason why MathHacked is a program unlike any other, and why it is so darned effective.

Heather is constantly being called to rescue mothers–to rescue families–from unwitting practices that destroy confidence in their children and distance their relationships. It’s gotten to the point of overwhelming as so many are in need of the wisdom she offers. She has decided to reach out online, and you are the beneficiary.

Come here for a new way of thinking, a new way of teaching, andĀ  a new way of building strong relationships with your loved ones. Learn how to have relationships with your kids that will greatly enrich your life, relationships that will keep your kids coming back long after they fly the coop!


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