What's Included in the MathHacked Deluxe System


You may wonder when you look inside this box, why the decks vary so much in size. Each deck is crafted, through much testing, to hit that “Sweet spot,” the perfect balance between too easy (boring) and too hard (demoralizing).

You’ll have your child’s buy-in on the first deck…and his/her enthusiasm to conquer each new deck. Heather Linchenko, the creator of MathHacked, experienced 100% success with this system in her home school, a large class of first through third graders, and through private tutoring.

Every child was excited about the process and achieved competence quickly, even after initially showing resistance and negative body language.


Your first step using our system will be to watch a series of short orientation videos (22 min total) that will reveal to you a different and better way to teach math.

Next, follow a simple 3-step process per module.

1) Watch a video (7 min avg) showing you exactly what to do;

2) Mimic the process with your child.

3) Then, practice 10-15 minutes a day until they can “slam dunk it.”

Easy peasy. No worries.

Putting your other programs on hold and doing MathHacked first is like sharpening a saw; you’ll actually save time and get to your goal faster. Maybe you’ll have time for a relaxing soak in the tub for a change…


Deck Eight integrates all previous learning into one final physical deck.

This deck becomes a treasured possession to kids because they love feeling smart! They’ll likely practice this deck when you’re not watching, feeling ownership in their learning. They’ll jump at the chance to “perform” for their parents or any willing audience. You might just be bustin’ your own buttons.

The daily goal for the child is to shave one second off their time. Most kids really enjoy tracking this o paper. They do this until the answers pop out without hesitation or thought…those neural pathways are established, and it’s more like instinct now.

Confidence born of competence will make math a favorite subject and your children’s “can-do” mentality will propel them forward in future math studies.

William Hazlitt says it this way, “As is our confidence, so is our capacity.”


Three additional decks came about when kids finished the program and were begging for more. Heather told them, “But…you know all your facts!”

“Pleeeease, can we do more??!”

[Kids DO love to learn if they feel smart doing it!]

So…the bonus Online Decks were born for an eager crowd…and became an instant hit.

1) THE QUANTUM solidifies the commutative property (large number x smaller number and reverse) and introduces larger numbers.

2) THE I.O.B. (Inside Out and Backwards) helps kids discover they already know their division facts in a few “light bulb” moments. Wow. Fast, effective and fun! (Nothing like when you learned division facts as a kid, right?)

3) THE MIND BENDER, our last, most intense mental workout of all–makes kids giggle at the deepened intensity as they mentally dig in! Because they know they can.

Btw, giggling about math is the norm with MathHacked. And kids find that returning to their “regularly scheduled” math work–now that they’re so “mentally muscular”–is actually exciting to them…and that’s fun for you!


In the “Bonus” section of your MathHacked box, you’ll find creative “Concept cards” that will delight your kids (after mastery) and/or help children who need a little extra boost to their imagination to get to mastery.

You’ll also find 20 beautiful cards with quotes Heather has mined from thought leaders over the course of 30 years. These philosophies make up the foundation upon which the MathHacked System was built.

Displaying these attractive cards around your home will help you gain and maintain a mindset that will remove negativity from your homeschool, and from your life.

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