Just Why?

I never would have guessed my resolve to adjust my thinking to help this beautiful young lady with math–multiplication and division to be specific–would have such happy fruits in my family! Joyful reunion after Natalia’s eight months in Russia.


Why am I doing The Millennial Paradigm Project?

  • Because I have received just enough comments and compliments about how close my family is that I now know that doesn’t happen every day, nor automatically.
  • Because I didn’t come by effective parenting naturally; I wasn’t born with it. I had to dig and scratch and sob and pray and read and experiment and fail a plenty—for years—to know what I now know. This has left me with a burning desire to return emotional energy to those of you who like me, are not necessarily “naturals”. Trust me; parenting can feel sooooo much easier and smoother to you than it does right now. I want to help prevent others from having to learn the hard way. Cuz that “really hurts” (spoken in an English accent).
  • Because I have heard just enough urgings to write a book, and have witnessed so much note-taking as I share my thoughts, that I not only believe I have something important to offer but that it has become an urgent matter to dispense new ideas and more importantly, hope. How I love offering hope! I want you to believe that no matter your situation, there is HOPE!
  • Because I came to this earth with a love of writing—I wish I could do it as a full-time job—so this tells me it must have something to do with my mission in life. The Millennial Paradigm Project Blog (the content found here can also be found there on the MathHacked.com website) is providing the opportunity and necessity to get writing, despite how much else is pressing on me. I have in mind that these writings will eventually be edited, refined and made into a book.
  • Because my kids have told me just enough times about conversations with friends who, though they have parents and siblings who love and cherish them, feel alone and friendless in their own homes. And despite how much these kids deeply love their parents (I know this), it’s difficult to access that love because of surface “distaste” for their parents and at times even “hate”. Of course, this can go both ways…as you likely know.
  • Because I have an ever growing number of people of every age who reach out to me out of the blue or chat with me in my kitchen over salad asking for advice and help and hopefully new ideas for them to consider in facing their current challenge (we Linchenkos are practically famous for our salads, and our method of eating them*).
  • Because I want to save you TIME. I can’t even believe how much time parents put in to stuff that I don’t have to.

Well, lots of reasons, but you’ve got stuff to do!

*One huge bowl and lotsa forks.

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