Multiplication for Kids K-12 and Parents, Too!

A Child Just Starting Out in Math

  • Anyone just starting out in math who knows their numbers by sight.
  • Knows how to count by ones and fives.
  • Is able to tell you what number is more or less than a given single-digit number.
  • Around 6 or 7 years old. Some five year olds are ready!
  • Preferably not yet taught addition.

An Older Child in Math Burnout or Trauma

  • Anyone not solid on their multiplication facts–critical for future math studies, and CONFIDENCE.
  • Anyone struggling in or hating math to any degree, including those in “educational lock down,” or shut down to the whole learning process.
  • Anyone who’s taken on the self label, “I am dumb,” or “I am not smart.”
  • Any age.

You, The Parents (or Teachers)

  • Anyone sick of negativity surrounding math homework.
  • Anyone wanting a better relationship with their chidren.
  • Anyone worried about the “holes” in their children’s education.
  • Anyone wanting much less effort and time invested to get the job done.
  • Anyone looking for a better way – one that gives children confidence even outside of math.
  • Anyone that likes to turn out super stars in math!
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