Knowing math facts “pretty well” is like trying to practice with a piano like this.

– Build a solid foundation that will ensure your child’s success in math; then watch your child’s resistance to math – and to you – melt away.

Teach TIMES TABLES and DIVISION FACTS before addition with our groundbreaking system to start your child off loving math

OR rescue a child that “hates math” already (i.e., has taken on negative patterns and beliefs inherent with traditional approaches)

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THANK YOU for persisting because it helps us clarify our message! 

First, we would not teach a five year old unless s/he asked for it. Choice is key. 🙂 

The system was actually created for an older child that had lost confidence and hated math, but we have since discovered that first graders love it too, and do well.

We are not about filling the kids with facts or entertaining them or making them super stars. We are about helping parents/schools not squash the genius inside of these little tykes (through boring rote memorization that bogs kids down and makes them think they aren’t smart). 

We’re about unleashing that genius through a different process in which they develop mental flexibility through learning the times tables–consequently making division facts simply an “aha,” and addition? psshhaa!

Times tables are absolutely KEY to success in future math, and we’ve discovered that it’s best to teach the young tykes before they take on negative patterns and beliefs from how math has always been taught. 

How do we know? A program built for one struggling child was made voluntary in a private school class of 1st to 3rd graders (many already math haters). 

Before long, Every Single Child opted in–and 100% of these kids not only got their facts down cold–but loved the process

Most startling to Heather (the creator) and the kids’ parents, was the confidence that burst forth in these kids, even socially. 

We can tell kids all we want how smart they are. But when they DISCOVER it themselves? Powerful. 



  • We use a different sequence so kids win on DAY ONE–they feel SMART in the first five minutes
  • With virtually NO MEMORIZATION, kids don’t get bored or feel dumb, which means you will enjoy increased joy and confidence as a mom
  • Lessons are designed so the child is neither overwhelmed nor bored, but challenged like in a video game–and that means they rapidly gain confidence and learn to love math
  • Using their minds creatively feels like an Easter egg hunt so kids discover they are smart…the confidence they gain is real and lasting.
  • Our process creates a flexible brain, adept at jumping between operations, which increases mental capacity and removes roadblocks to success in other math curricula
12 year old Bowen started with low confidence in math, but almost immediatley his confidence shot through the roof. He began to teach his siblings, even his brother in kindergarten
5 year old Alice is starting on the right foot. She won't feel "dumb" like most of us did in grade school math

The deeper I get into this program, the more I love it! Heather has so much wisdom that shines through her training sessions with the children. MathHacked goes way beyond multiplication tables; it’s been parenting help for me! 

My daughter absolutely loves it. She says math is her favorite subject now, and it’s been fun to feel my own math skills soar!

~C. Messick

Blue Boy-min

“This program is magic! I feel like Einstein right now!”

~D. Smith

(14 year old who had been labeled as “developmentally delayed” in two different schools and had absolutely no confidence in math.)



I thought, “What the heck! You don’t do this until third grade..!”

I’m impressed. This is a pretty cool system…especially when my twelve year old teaches my ten year old who teaches my six year old in kindergarten and he’s got it all figured out.

It’s pretty cool.

~J. Bailey

“I love how you have all the easy ones in here, Mrs. Linchenko!” ~Student

My kids are loving this program. So am I!

~McKenzie S

I just wanted to write a note to tell you thank you for this program. I absolutely love math hacked! It is clicking so well with my daughter, and her confidence is soaring.

Thank you so much for this wonderful program.

~Taryn H

“How old are you?! I can’t even do that!” 

~8th Grade reading helper on seeing a first grader whip through her times tables

This is Fantastic!!! Far better than I thought it would be. You have outdone yourself. I am very, very impressed.

~Phil S

We are loving this program. On to Level 4!


I was teaching my first grade grandkids their 9 times tables. Their parents were amazed. That was a confidence builder for sure. Thanks again.

~D Denning

Your program rocks. I suggest you take it to the top of the government educational chain.

~Principal of Private School

When we take road trips, my daughter likes to work on her flashcards now instead of computer games.

~Parent from Private School

I keep finding my child under his covers at night with a flashlight working on his flashcards when he’s supposed to be asleep!

~Parent of Private School Student 

Works faster than multiplication games or multiplication worksheets

Simple tricks virtually eliminate memorization. The process will feel like a game to your child. Our groundbreaking sequence and process will make your child feel smart on the very first session.

I learned my multiplication facts in record time!

Short, fun learning sessions will make your child rock-solid on his/her facts much faster than other approaches.

Math games are fun now that mom helped me learn my multiplication table.

Watch a short, simple video for the first lesson, then simply mimic with your child! You become the hero and the fun one. No more being the enforcer. As a powerful side benefit, you’ll experience a dramatic improvement in your relationship with your child.

Math problems for kids are easy if we think we can do it.

The math battle is won or lost in the mind of the student. If he thinks he can, he can. If she thinks she can’t, her mind will shut down and it’s an uphill, negative battle from there. MathHacked creates a solid foundation, paving the way for future success. 

It's like an Easter Egg Hunt. 🙂

Why teach multiplication before addition? Your children will learn to think; their minds will learn to jump between operations with ease and figure the answers in their heads. They will learn this painlessly and much more quickly than old methods. Oh, they feel smart!!

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